Hi! I’m Richard, aka “Gringo with the lingo”. My life-long love of languages started at Fordham Prep, the Jesuit high school in New York which I attended and where I was introduced to the Classical languages of Latin and Greek. Spanish, Italian and French came next. An introduction to Mandarin was part of my MBA program. Later work assignments required Brazilian-Portuguese. Currently studying Arabic, I only wish that there were more hours in a day! A career in international business and law has (fortunately) required constant travel. During these extremely demanding business trips, I found that the perfect way to unwind was to engage with the locals, preferably in whole or in part, in their local language. What I learned from these experiences is that the two things which I enjoy most in life are travel and languages. And hopefully, Gringo with the lingo can help you travel the world in a better, smarter, and more authentic way while appreciating, speaking or learning its languages!