Good-bye Du-bai

leaving Dubai in style....Rolls Phantom style!!
Leaving Dubai in style….Rolls Phantom style!!

Leaving Dubai and the Burj al Arab is like leaving family or a close friend-sad for leaving, yet confident and happy to return in the near future. And besides, the Gringo with the Lingo has more travelling to do (much more!) I said my goodbyes and jumped into the hotel’s Rolls Royce Phantom and was on my way to the airport for a marathon Dubai-Qatar-Istanbul-Lisbon-Marrakech set of flights. I took one more look out the window of my suite to see the construction going on at the new North Deck, which will be a complex with 2 new pools, a Latin themed restaurant and several poolside cabanas. On the way to the airport I marveled at all of the new construction going on in Dubai-constantly and with each new building larger and better designed than the next. Enjoy the pictures!

The Burj's North Deck
The Burj’s North Deck
The sun sets on the Burj and my time in Dubai
The sun sets on the Burj and my time in Dubai
Burj Khalifa-the world's tallest building
Burj Khalifa-the world’s tallest building











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