Why take an MD80 when you can fly a 767 for the same price!

I recently flew an American Airlines domestic first class flight from NYC to Miami. As an experienced aviation geek, I always choose the best airline configuration for my flight. But on this flight, I hit the jackpot! There were about 10 flights flying that day, most being on 737’s or MD 80’s (which had the normal domestic first class configuration). But I noticed one flight was on a 767-300, which has an international first class configuration. Meaning for the same price, I would be flying in a flat bed seat! The reason is that many of these planes will be taking off from Miami for an international destination. The seat was great, the meal was surprisingly good (chicken breast over couscous and pretzel bread) but the service was not good! The flight attendants would constantly tell us to wait when requesting something and they would hide and talk in the galley. There was no Wi-Fi and most surprisingly, there was no screen on the seat back for IFE- only overhead screens above every few seats. Since the flight was only two and a half hours, these things were not that hard to endure because the seat made up for it!

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